Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Something to think about

For the past 2 years, the Twin Cities and the surrounding communities have been leaders in cardiac arrest survival. The innovation coming from this community is setting the tone for cardiac arrest care around the world. Overall survival from cardiac arrest in Hennepin County is 14.5%. This is almost twice the national average of 7.9% survival of all victims of cardiac arrest.
There is a special segment of the data set that is pulled out and compared so that people can be sure they are comparing similar data points. This is called the Utstein data set. This only includes people who have a witnessed cardiac arrest and are found in a shockable rhythm. In Hennepin county, the survival for these patients is a nation leading 43% compared to a 31.5%  average for the rest of the country.
Believe it or not, there is room for improvement.
In our community, victims of cardiac arrest only get bystander CPR 28% of the time. To be clear, bystander CPR is defined as someone other than a member of the EMS response, not the firefighters and law enforcement members who provide first responder services as part of our EMS system. The national average for bystander CPR is 36%.
In the Cares data set for Hennepin county, if the Utstein group was limited to those with a witnessed arrest, who were found in a shockable rhythm AND had bystander CPR, their survival rate when up 4.5% to 47.5%. 
Bystander CPR is very important and makes a big difference. It is something that can add to our success if we can improve our community participation.
I urge you, as the experts in cardiac arrest care, to encourage others to get invovled, learn CPR and perform it when an arrest happens.
There are CPR classes happening all over the community. It is simple to learn and poses minimal risk to the patient with the potential for great benefit.



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